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The material Smart Paper (formerly known as "eco-line", "linkaver") is a polymeric film consisting of half natural minerals (calcium carbonate, commonly known as ordinary chalk), and the binders are polymers: polyethylene (PS) or polypropylene (PP).


"Smart paper" is an optimal combination of grease and moisture resistance as in polymer films, the ability to hold shape as a paper, protective characteristics as a laminated foil.

Designed for packaging cottage cheese, cottage cheese products, butter, fats, spreads, margarine and other similar food products, baby food packaging, as a substrate for cakes, cookies, spice cakes and other confectionery, bakery products.


Compared with counterparts "Smart Paper" has several advantages:

-increased grease and moisture resistance

--Ability to print images on the surface

--Thermal welding capability

-absence of oxidizable surfaces

--no contact with food on either side of the package

--easy disposal

-low price


The main purpose of Smart Paper is application as wrapping for spreads, margarine, pressed yeast, cottage cheese, curd mass, baby food, as a substrate for cakes, cookies, spice cakes and other confectionary, bakery products, etc. The material has excellent printing characteristics, high whiteness and perfect appearance due to its matt surface. Smart paper" film can be used practically on all kinds of packaging equipment, and has a much smaller load on the packaging equipment in comparison with foil. Machines working with foil are very "friendly" to this material.


The material is well formed into a briquette and holds its shape very well, has good tactile properties ("pleasant to the touch"), due to its rough surface. The "Smart Paper" film packaging has an increased tear and puncture resistance. The Smart Paper film is an excellent substitute for parchment and laminated foil. Ecological cleanliness and extended shelf life provided by Smart Paper film make it a unique packaging material.


Smart paper" films have excellent oil- and water-repellent properties, guaranteeing to protect the product from drying out and reliably protecting the contents from bacterial contamination, similar to the "shell effect". The "Smart Paper" film is safe for the environment. After use, disposal does not require energy costs, and the material dissolves in the soil within 8-12 months under the influence of the environment.














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