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Greaseproof paper (parchment, under parchment)

Greaseproof paper (parchment) KIT 4-8.
It is used for packaging of food with a medium content of fat and moisture: sausages, cheese, bakery products, pastries.
Density of 32gr.m2. Available in rolls, can be cut to size, printing.


Greaseproof NFA11 parchment.
The paper is used for packaging of food products with high fat and moisture content: margarines, butter monolith and small packings, meat, fish.
Density of 32gr.m2. produced in rolls, can be cut to size, printing.


Laminated Paper
Paper laminated with polyethylene. Used for packaging various food products (loose, granular) by soldering: seeds, spices, medicines, pills, adhesive plasters, syringes.
It is also used for packaging of fat and moisture-containing products: fish, meat, etc.
Laminated paper is made in different versions. The paper base bleached and unbleached. The density of paper 18gr.m 2, the density of the application of polyethylene 10gr.m 2. It is possible to print on the glossy side of the paper.


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