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Siliconized paper for baking.


Uncoated baking paper KH PACK HT - used for baking pastry and bakery products in ovens at 220 degrees Celsius. Has a high fat resistance.
Density of 32g.m2. Available in rolls, can be cut to size, printing.


Silicone-coated paper BAKING PAPER is a paper with double-sided application of silicone. It is used for repeated baking of pastry and bakery products. It is also used for storing frozen foods.
Density 40gr.m2. produced in rolls, can be cut to size.
Siliconeized paper with silicone on one side is used in different industries. In the printing industry - for a variety of stickers and labels, in medicine for adhesive patches and other adhesive materials. In the manufacture of rubber products - for the formation of the surface, in the automotive industry - in the production of heat and noise insulation materials. In construction, for the production of roll sealants and roofing materials.
Density 35 and 40g.m2. produced in rolls, can be cut into formats, printing.






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